Tuesday, May 24

Cruise (Out of) Control

Tom Cruise appeared on Oprah yesterday, jumping up and down, talking about his passionate affection for his "woman," Katie Holmes.

Tom Cruise: You, sir are 42 years old. And little Joey Potter is only 15. But, what's even stranger is while your relationship should seem pervy, it instead feels just plain weird.

Ms. Holmes, best known for Dawson's Creek (and needlessly flashing her boobies in The Gift) is about to begin promoting Batman Begins while Mr. Cruise is promoting War of the Worlds. But it's just a coincidence that they are on a publicity tour as the relationship kicks off. I'm sure it's also a coincidence that Cruise has been intensely private about past relationships with Nicole Kidman and Penelope Cruz but needs to shout out his love for Katie Holmes. After all, the guy has been married twice before...but this time it's love. I think the Boston Globe put it best:

If this is a romance, it looks more like a tireless campaign, and he seems less like a man giddily in love than an overbearing used car salesman. It may also explain why few seem to be buying whatever it is Cruise is working so hard to sell.

But clearly, people do want to know about this stuff, as yesterday's episode garnered the highest overnight ratings for a single May sweeps episode since 1997. Katie appeared on the show for only a few seconds, speaking only one sentence and looking like she'd been hit by a taser gun. And I can't believe he actually kissed her on the mouth. It MUST be love.

P.S. Nate Berkus is on Oprah Wednesday!