Saturday, May 21

The Traditional Third Anniversary Gift is Leather

Well, John, it's been three years since the inception of Beaverhausen Blog, when I made my first post (and made the first of 20 references to Oprah).

Over the years I've learned that commenters are more likely to be inspired to respond to posts about cute shirtless boys or celebrity snark than more thoughtful topics like gay marriage (nearly 100 posts between us, John). But looking back, I'm surprised by the length and breadth of some of the old posts. (And where did I used to find the time to be clever?) I'm proud of these longer, more revealing posts with a greater universal appeal...maybe it's time to return to blogging for me instead looking for topics on which I think others might comment.

Happy third anniversary, John...the leather chaps are on the way, just in time for IML!