Tuesday, February 22

Gayest Sunday Ever

Wow, it's not every Sunday evening I spend in the company of 1000 lesbians watching The L Word premiere. And that was only the start of a very, very gay evening on TV. We also witnessed a big night of humorous comings-out on both The Simpsons (see Ben's item below) and on Desperate Houseboyswives. Homer's same-sex fantasy with his own reflection was hilarious, and it was simply brilliant to have Teri Hatcher's Susan mistakenly stumble upon some hot boy-on-boy pool party action on DH.

It's not even sweeps yet. GLAAD, eat your heart out.

P.S. It's not really related -- other than the subject of hot closeted guys -- but did anyone else catch that Billy Currington is on the cover of the March 2005 Playgirl? (No dirty pics, those teases!)