Thursday, February 17

Pepper Stake

I have failed to adequately share my excitement with the blogosphere about the upcoming finale of Project Runway. As the NYT recaps, this
couture smackdown pits 12 aspiring designers against one another in an atelier at the Parsons School of Design in Manhattan, and has collected a loyal, intense following among the hip, young and gay - viewers who do not necessarily identify with the suburban pastry chefs and wreath makers on Wickedly Perfect, CBS's quest for the next Martha Stewart.

Hey! You can be hip, young and gay AND enjoy Wickedly Perfect.

But Project Runway is in another league. The show features the conniving and calculating Wendy Pepper as the main antagonist, who I see as more of a Richard Hatch than an Omarosa. In last night's reunion recap show, Wendy, who is "suddenly glamorous with newly dyed hair and no glasses" gets pounded by her fellow castmates. Someone makes the comment that "this isn't Survivor! You have to show talent to win!" I beg to differ...if all one needed was talent, then why bother going on a show in the first place? We're now down to the final three designers, and even though Wendy's talent (or lack thereof) is the subject of much debate, she played the game to win, sustaining my attention until the last "Auf Wiedersehen" is uttered.