Wednesday, November 10

The Weekly Slap - In addition to keeping me current on pop culture references of the moment -- like the shirtless construction worker scene on The O.C.'s season premiere -- VH1's Best Week Ever frequently features at least one hitherto unknown hottie for me to discover.

This week's honor goes to Mercury recording artist Billy Currington. This curly-haired country crooner gets noticed for his substitution act with Mark McGrath in Shania Twain's latest crossover video. (Currington is in the CMT version; McGrath in the MTV/VH1 version.)

Hmm, think Logo will ever air a version where Billy invites Mark to a "Party for Two"? Currington does give off an oddly non-hetero vibe for a Nashville product whose first single was entitled "Walk a Little Straighter." Maybe there's fun to be had in the Red States after all.