Wednesday, November 3

My Take - The exhausting process of electing the next president has come to an only-slightly-delayed close. We've learned a lot about ourselves and our fellow countrymen in the process. (Personally, I loved how California collectively gave a giant stem-cell "F.U." to Bush and right-wing Christians.) As the LATimes put it, "The race underscored the strength of the regional and cultural divisions shaping modern American politics." Well, duh. I've joked that we should look into electing two presidents every four years -- one for "them" and one for "us."

Not that funny, but I think any attempt at levity is something we could use right now. (Others are spreading the Geico joke.) To many of my friends and acquaintances, the cold harsh light of Wednesday has brought on despondency and despair. People really are crushed emotionally. Many are realizing just how tied up we were in hating Dubya/Rove/the Bigot Brigades and in raising up Kerry as savior.

I just hope we can vent our spleens with heartfelt pledges of moving to Canada without letting the disappointment become depression. Sure, there are some seriously bad things that happened -- I have in mind the Ohio HyperDOMA -- and we're right to be upset. I'm afraid, however, that some fragile folks in their desperation may see no light at the end of the tunnel. Remember, neither George W. Bush nor his minions of flying spider monkeys have the power to rob anyone of their personal dignity as a human being. So whether you feel energized for renewed battle or, like most today, need some time to grieve and recoup, the important thing is that the fight goes on, the war is not lost, and good will triumph in the end.