Thursday, July 31

A Plan of Attack - Those of us who live in cosmopolitan capitals (or California) aren't used to being on the defensive on gay rights. But there are times when a shift in strategies is necessary. Above all else, it is incredibly important that we prevent the adoption of a Federal Marriage Amendment to the Constitution. And that probably means alliances with tolerant people on the other side of the divide who express honest qualms about gay marriage. We need a lot of friends to take on the opposition, especially as we see a renewed anti-marriage push by the Pope and his revanchist advisers.

A classic error in the conquest of any new territory is to push your advancing armies too far too fast while failing to consolidate and fill in the rear flank. The ground here (middle American public opinion) isn't ready yet for gay marriage. As legal events propel us forward at incredible speed, we need to figure out right now what we can do to change that fact, or -- if that can't be done in time -- to slow the rush to the final showdown.