Tuesday, July 29

Back to the Bad News - As my friend Scott doubtlessly heard first hand at the 2003 National HIV Prevention Conference in Atlanta, there has been a spike in the number of new AIDS cases -- most markedly among gay and bisexual men.

While we lament the complacency at the heart of this trend, should we be surprised? It's only logical that, as medical breakthroughs make a dreaded disease more treatable, there will almost certainly be a lapse of prevention. At the same conference, attendees also reported on the invention of fancy new tools in the AIDS fight: a quick oral test that yields results in 15-20 minutes and a test that can tell if an HIV+ person was infected within the last six months. The HIV/AIDS crisis sure has done some amazing things for the advancement of medical technology, but those breakthroughs, ironically, seem to be part of the larger problem.