Wednesday, July 30

Boy, Oh Boy! - So, how bout that Boy Meets Boy, eh? The production values left a bit to be desired, but this is basic cable after all. I loved the closing disclaimer: "The producers have consulted with the Leading Man regarding his choice of elmination, but the Leading Man has made all final decision on his own." Uh, clearly they did influence him because our boy James seemed SO ready to get rid of Dan. I'm thinking the producers gently goaded him into letting Dan stick around for a little extra eye candy and whole lot of drama. And poor Robb...everyone thinks he's gay! I found it to be a dumb, fluffy, but ultimately engaging show, mostly because James Getzlaff comes off as very sincere and approachably attractive.

The Chicago Trib reports that should Boy fly, there are plans to do a female version next season. Better start the search for lipstick lesbians now! Will Dani Behr host this version too, which Ananova imprecisely calls "a gay version of Big Brother"? Not if the critic from the Baltimore Sun has anything to say about it! "Speaking of cheap cheese, there's the host, Dani Behr, who looks better-suited to working a street corner late at night in the rundown, old Hollywood section of Sunset and Vine than she does emceeing a prime-time television show. But Behr really is too, too much to bear, with her phony hugs, puffed-up platinum hair-do and tinny, tabloid British accent." Well, she does sorta look like a drag queen, so maybe they were hoping that she'd fit right in.