Tuesday, July 29

School's 'Out' at Gay High - Oh, those witty headline writers at the NYPost. How do they do it? Unsurprisingly, the tabloids got to this story first, but while the Times has flaked on the story altogether, the AP now has a report on the first all-gay public high school in NYC.

I've gone on record as questioning the wisdom of taking gay kids out of the mainstream. Sure, most "special" schools in the NYC system are probably better at delivering an education than their mainline counterparts. (Think any straight students will play gay to get in?) Moreover, I'd bet the majority of students attending Harvey Milk have had real problems learning in the general population -- either because they get picked on or because they get too distracted by their need to act out. (Something that would likely impact their fellow student's learning as well, so maybe it's good if they leave.)

Wouldn't it be much better, however, if the regular schools were better at both educating all kids and promoting tolerance? Segregating students by sexual orientation doesn't do anything to bring that goal closer to fruition.