Tuesday, July 29

Meanwhile, in the Blue States - Don't tell the NYTimes we gays are less popular this month. In a front pager, the gray lady declares that gay TV is in. The article posits that "the growing prime-time roster of gay-themed programming ... reflects a major shift in attitudes about gay subjects." It notes even last season's dismal post-shark-jumping Will & Grace was the third most watched sitcom on TV. According to the Times, there seem to be two major underlying phenomena here: first, the corporate advertising world has finally gotten over its jitters about homos; second, the crushing level of competition in the television industry has forced executives to seek out more daring shows. Not everyone is happy, of course. Leftist queers and right-wing bible thumpers are equally enraged that gay TV doesn't reflect their blinkered world views. And who can't be pleased by that?