Tuesday, July 29

In A Sea of Good News... - What to make of this CNN/USA Today poll that seems to show growing intolerance against gays following the Lawrence decision? According to the survey, support for legalizing adult consensual homosexual relations actually dropped significantly, from 60% in May to 48% in July. The shift was most dramatic among blacks -- down from 58% to 36%. Moreover, the poll was the first since 1997 to find a plurality stating that homosexuality was an unacceptable lifestyle.

So what did we do to deserve this? Is it the backlash many were expecting -- perhaps strengthened by all the media play on gay marriage? Maybe. It also may simply be an example of the underdog effect, where you tend to lose some supporters as the outmatched side makes sizable gains. Either way, I have to believe it's a momentary blip. We've come too far, too many of us are "out," we're too much a recognized part of American social life to retreat. The agenda is at stake, and we won't be denied. Onward, homo soldiers!