Tuesday, March 14

Satanic Panic in the Attic

Since moving away from Hampton Roads I just don't get my fill of wacky Pat Robertson news, but occasionally I'll hear about a kerfuffle. Like yesterday, when the religious broadcast called Muslims "satanic" during his 700 Club show and said Islam is bent on "world domination."

With his threat to arrest young gay "freedom riders" visiting his Regent University campus as part of the Soulforce Equality Ride -- as Jerry Falwell did at Liberty last week -- Pat's headline grabbing makes this a special week in looney-Christian news.

P.S. In related news, the on-again, off-again Christian-looney boycott of Ford Motors is back on, man. The AFA's spokesbigot is quoted as a saying "It's a jihad culture war." Bring it.

Update: Six Soulforce members were arrested at Regent, but interestingly eight students made a point of crossing the barriers to join the protestors in "Christian fellowship," despite Robertson's wishes.