Thursday, March 9

Ringing Down the Curtain

With the Nats baseball stadium in Southeast finally a "done deal," the O Street gay businesses are beginning to close. Yet there looks to be at least one last chance to take in the sights: According to MW, one co-owner of the Ziegfeld's/Secrets "insisted Tuesday that the show would go on for at least one more weekend":

"We'll be open this weekend," he said. "We'll be hearing something pretty shortly, but it's not going to happen that fast. None of us has gotten an eviction notice yet. We're good to go."

I'd say this calls for a last hurrah. See you there? (Sorry Ben, since you can't be there I'll tip a go-go boy for ya.)

Update: The Blade has coverage of judicial evictions issued March 10th, noting a temporary reprieve to the O Street clubs.