Tuesday, March 7

Net Nannies

B'haus readers with kids may be few and far between, and those may have yet to face the question raised by this WaPo op-ed: Where should a good parent draw the line on monitoring their children on the Internets?

One mother told me she discreetly checks the p0rn sites in her teenage son's history folder to make certain they're not too extreme. I cringed, too, but her approach may be realistic; teenage boys will be teenage boys, and they're not just looking at centerfolds these days.

(Would gay.com count as "extreme," I wonder?) The author seemed particularly keen on tracking her kids' instant messages. Okay, the rest of you can now go back to worrying about what their spouses/significant others are surfing. Or in Ben's case, worrying about his bosses blocking access at the office.