Saturday, March 11

World of Gaycraft

The WaPo looks at the "little known subculture" of gay online gamers. The story comes on the heels of a mini-scandal over discrimination at Blizzard, the company behind the hugely popular "MMO" game World of Warcraft, and the growing popularity of support sites like The story contains this vignette:

Kevin VanOrd, who works at a tech company in Chantilly and lives in Columbia, was incredulous. He plays "WoW," too -- and his live-in boyfriend of two years is practically cemented to the game. Upon entering their two-bedroom apartment, the first thing you see is a PC to your left and another PC to your right. On a recent Saturday afternoon, both were logged on to "WoW."

The boys report their astonishment that the politics of gay identity followed them into their escapist realm. Said VanOrd: "The gaming community is so accepting of elves and fairies, trolls and ogres. But you can't get them to be accepting of gay people right here in the gaming world." Alas.