Tuesday, February 7

Wild & Wonderful West Virginia?

Avenue, that is. The Blade is reporting that Bob Siegel, the purveyor of gay bawdiness down in the footprint of the might-could-be baseball stadium, may relocate to a warehouse in the Northeast neighborhood of Ivy City. The run-down industrial area north of Gallaudet is near a NoFlo site once suggested by this very blog.

As could have been expected, potential neighbors reacted in anger and outrage against Siegel's adult businesses. At a rowdy community meeting, a "youth counselor" denouced the plans, saying "I do not want my youngsters to be exposed to nakedness and bestiality!" (Damn, how'd I miss out on the bestiality, last time I was at Secrets?)

It may not make a lot of difference what the locals think, if the Council passes a law proposed by Jim Graham which would allow at least some displaced businesses to move to any other industrial-zoned location in the city. By the way, anyone else notice that the February 3rd deadline for stadium evictions passed quietly last Friday without event?