Monday, January 23

Alma Mater Technologiae

Hey Ben: According to this WSJ article, Stanford has finally overtaken Princeton in terms of overall endowment, spurred by easy returns in Silicon Valley venture funds. [Limited free link here.] The Journal tuts about the social ramifications:
Stanford's achievement illustrates a great divide in higher education that may only grow wider. Elite schools, already among the nation's richest charitable institutions, are now increasingly able to pair stellar investment returns and wealthy alumni to build war chests that enable them to hire away top professors and give the most generous financial-aid packages to coveted students. The big risk: The college education available to most in the U.S. could end up weaker, especially in relative terms.
Of course, the study only measured total funds, not per student, where Princeton presumably still reigns supreme. Guess the Cardinal didn't need your money after all.