Friday, January 27

Eye Poppping

He may be constantly mugging for the camera, but I have to say that I liked Andrae Gonzalo's design best of all on this week's Project Runway. I'm really pleased that the new season of the show is generating so much heat online, and should give most of the credit for that to the exhaustive posting being done at Blogging Project Runway site. But the Bravo website has been doing a good job of giving us more Tim Gunn, which is always a good thing. For the record, I announce my prediction that the final three will be Nick, Daniel V and Chloe.

Meanwhile, next month Bravo will bring us up to date on the winner of last year's PR with a special called Project Jay. Not only will we follow Jay McCarroll on his post-win journey, but we'll also see Jay interview the always-delightful Wendy Pepper about her divorce. I'm getting shivers, people!