Friday, January 27

Citizen Kaine

We seem to have our first evidence that newly inaugurated Gov. Tim Kaine has more balls that his predecessor to stand up to Virginia's homophobes. In a radio program yesterday, he said he believes the proposed constitutional amendment banning gay marriage "goes too far."

Of course, the governor can't stop the referendum. Importantly, however, he will have an opportunity to revise the explanation of the measure that will appear on the ballot this fall. The current implementing bill is downright disingenuous: It fails to explain that the amendment prohibits the state from recognizing any "legal status for relationships of unmarried individuals that approximate" any aspect of marriage.

The typical groups are already mobilizing to lobby over these "technicalities," but I'm beginning to think Kaine's own conscience will guide him to the right decision. Unfortunately, come November, Virginia's voters will likely prove too ignorant to care.