Tuesday, January 17

Mothers, Don't Let Your Children Be Bloggers

Citing the posting of "inappropriate material," Sidwell Friends School (Chelsea Clinton's alma mater) here in the District has now prohibited its students from registering for Facebook.com, according to the Washington Post. Stories posted online aren't always improper but they can be "unwise." Said one high school administrator:
Besides the most obvious danger -- adult stalkers enticing teenagers into face-to-face meetings -- personal information posted online can also be read by college admissions officers and future employers.
Looks like the MySpace generation is learning the crucial difference between having the right to free speech and the judgment to say the right thing.

P.S. Speaking of revealing secrets, Jamie linked me to this U.K. story about a parrot ratting out its master's girlfriend for conducting illicit affairs in their apartment. See? Technology doesn't create new problems; it just repackages old ones.