Sunday, January 15

LA & DC: Sittin' in a Tree...

The other day I commented to Jamie that the NYTimes had fallen to no higher than third best newspaper in the country. This is because the Washington Post and the LATimes provide consistently better overall content. (The only place the Gray Lady retains some edge is in obscure overseas coverage, although not necessarily the hot spots, where LA's paper is often excellent.)

Apparently, there's some mutual admiration going on between these two top contenders. Two weeks after the WaPo praised the rebuilding of downtown Los Angeles, the complement is returned in today's LAT. Catching up on the recent reversal of D.C.'s munincipal fortunes, they says going from "District of Calamities" to "urban juggernaut" in ten years ain't too bad.

Thanks for noticing, L.A. We like you too.