Thursday, September 15


That's my neologism for amateur porn podcasts which will surely proliferate now that iTunes has quietly expanded from audio to video. According to a report in this afternoon's WSJ

The Cupertino, Calif., company is allowing podcasters to submit video programs, in addition to audio, to the iTunes podcasting directory, a guide to Internet radio shows from a variety of producers from political commentator Al Franken to ABC News to lesser-known media sources. The latest version of Apple's iTunes software, released last week, allows users to subscribe to these video podcasts, just as they can with audio podcasts. When users subscribe to podcasts, iTunes automatically downloads the freshest shows when they become available.

Oh, I know bodcasting is no faux-ancé or heterolodex -- and certainly not the au currant "to trina"* -- but I do what I can.

* Think FUBAR recast as a transitive verb -- e.g., "Mike Brown got trina'd" - S.H.