Friday, August 5

Grasping: Part II

In a follow-up, the LATimes says there's been some handwringing by the bigot brigade over Judge John Roberts' behind-the-scenes participation in his law firm's Romer v. Evans prep. The paper alleges:

Some conservative activists have expressed concerns that Roberts may become an "unreliable" justice like David H. Souter or Anthony M. Kennedy, who were appointed by Republican presidents but who have not consistently supported conservative positions on the bench. Roberts' role in the Colorado case could fuel such worries.

On the other hand, the LATimes could find no such partisans who would go on record. (The best quotes the NYTimes managed were "not welcome news" from James Dobson and "cause for more caution and less optimism" from the RNCFL.) For the most part, both sides are none too swayed, believing the staunch conservative was just being a good hired gun. Of course, if Roberts had actually declined to assist his colleagues on an important case in his area of expertise (SCOTUS arguments) just because it was about gay rights, that would be a clear sign of a far-out ideologue unfit for the bench.