Tuesday, August 2

Daytime TV and The Ex-Gays

The View - 8/1/05The View - 8/1/05

Yesterday, Scott Davis, Director of Exodus Youth, and Mike Ensley, a "graduate" of a reparative therapy program in Southern California, appeared on the talker. The two discussed how they had overcome their homosexual impulses...blah, blah, blah...boys, you don't make the most convincing argument for appearing straight when you have such stylish haircuts, dress in such a trendy manner and cross your legs like that.

The View - 8/1/05The View - 8/1/05

I mean, the interviews on The View have never been of good quality, but it's especially disheartening to see a segment that seems designed to reinforce stereotypes and scare mothers into thinking the worst about "the homosexual lifestyle" when news about reparative therapy has been in the headlines recently.

Now, I know that the audience of the The View is mainly comprised of middle-aged, suburban moms, but I'm certain that there are snarky bloggers and my fellow homosexuals watching too. So, let's have a real discussion, instead of allowing the Focus on the Family talking points to be spouted off unchallenged. The ex-gays can save that sort of talk for the next Groundswell conference, coming to Seattle, Orlando and Boston this fall.


Mario Cantone, Bryant Renfroe -- we need to talk.

You see, Charlotte's best pal from Sex and the City and Barbara Walter's personal hairstylist both appear as regular guests on ABC's daytime talk show, The View. And therefore, we've got to get these guys into activist mode, because somebody has got to take a stand against segments that fawn all over cute ex-gays without making them answer any hard questions.

UPDATE: See a full transcript at Good As You and a great overview recap on Towle Road.