Thursday, August 4

Grasping at Straws

Don Wildmon might reconsider his urgent grassroots lobbying for Bush SCOTUS-nominee John Roberts when he finds out the Judge helped gay activists win the landmark 1996 equal protection case Romer v. Evans. The story broke in today's LATimes.

(Lest the Log Cabin get too excited, please note that Roberts, who was an appellate litigator for Hogan & Hartson at the time, was merely helping a colleague prep his argument for a pro bono client. Wrote the Times: Roberts "has stressed, however, that a client's views are not necessarily shared by the lawyer who argues on his or her behalf.")

The Times suggests that, while Roberts seemed enthusiastic to assist -- offering advice and serving as "Scalia" on a moot court panel -- the story probably only illustrates "his allegiance to the credo of the legal profession: to zealously represent the interests of the client, whoever it might be." Other than this tidbit, there is precious little in the stealth nominee's record to suggest how he really feels about homos.