Tuesday, August 2

Country Club Days

What's this, a gay marriage post? Ben, you must have thought I'd nearly forgotten about the subject! But while most of the country has been taking a revanchist tone towards same-sex nuptuals of late, California seems to be forging ahead. Not only is the state's high court poised to consider a constitutional challenge to Proposition 22, yesterday it ruled that private companies which extend discounts, special services or other privileges to married couples must extend the same benefits to registered domestic partners. (PDF decision here.) Activists are crowing.

You and Kevin better enjoy your family gym memberships while you can, though. The same reactionary forces that have been on the march across the Red States are stirring in California, and have taken their battle to your state's vaunted (vilified?) initiative process. AG Bill Lockyer has certified three anti-gay referenda that could appear in the November 2006 election, at least two of which would would gratuitously roll back all of your DP rights.

Seems like the Golden State's blue-state reputation will be on the line. Do you think these initiatives will garner enough signatures to make it onto the ballot, Ben? If so, what are the chances they could pass? Either way, it's surely no time for complacency on the issue.