Friday, July 29

Confessions Booth

Jeanette Walls has the scoop on Madonna's new album:
Don't believe those reports that Madonna is teaming up with Christina Aguilera. 'Christina is working on an album in the [same] building [as Madonna] but they have not seen each other,' said Madonna's spokeswoman, Liz Rosenberg. She went on to debunk another rumor 'Gwen Stefani is not guesting on the record either. It's all Madonna, all the time - a total dance record called Confessions on a Dance Floor. No ballads, no messages. Her fans will go insane when they hear it. It's back to Madonna the queen of the dance floor.'
No messages! Those are the kinds of lyrics that are music to my ears!

And briefly, in related news, a Roanoke, Virginia woman recently (/me gags at the pun) met her lucky star.