Monday, July 25

Stunted Growth

Never overestimate the power of a stunt to attract attention over quality. Such is the philosophy on NBC's Will & Grace. Yes, it's still on the air, and the latest exploitative trick will be for the eighth season premiere to air live. There's nobody watching anymore (even The Gays will be opting for The OC and Alias come fall), but that doesn't mean that the accolades stop coming. After all, as Eric McCormack mused in the NY Times:
One of the main things we were criticized for this year was having too many big-name guest stars. What they forget is the guest stars lining up to be on our show are the same people who vote for the Emmys.

So I guess if even a few of the massive voting bloc of guests like Jennifer Lopez, Will Arnett, Janet Jackson, Molly Shannon, Blythe Danner, Eric Stoltz, Jeff Goldblum, Victor Garber, Lily Tomlin, Patty LuPone, Luke Perry, Ed Burns, Sharon Stone, Lee Majors, Alec Baldwin, Seth Green and Kristin Davis put in a nomination, W&G was a shoo-in for a nod.