Saturday, June 4

Bygone Bylines

Leave it to Beav favorite Hank Stuever to put the otherwise uninteresting Deep Throat revelation into perspective for us Gen X'ers:

Had he lived in this era, Deep Throat might not have lasted long. He'd be blogged to bits. He'd be Drudged, smudged, Romenesko'd. People would disprove him with their own Deep Throats. His identity would be discovered within a news cycle or two, spun around, and he'd be left holding a book contract.

And who knew that WaPo Watergate editor Ben Bradlee was also responsible for inventing the Style section, home of Stuever and some of the best feature writing anywhere. By the way, Ben, thanks again for sending me a copy of Hank's new book on the American Elsewhere. Have you finished it yet?