Friday, June 3

Of Fruits and Flies

The NYTimes has a story today on the genetics of sexual orientation in Drosophila. As Artiloop puts it, scientists are claiming to have discovered that "a single gene alteration makes fruitflies gay." (Skepticism abounds that complex social behavior can be determined by a single "master" gene.)

My two cents: I understand why some people desperately want to see sexual orientation explained as an immutable, hereditary characteristic. Supposedly it is the "checkmate move" against those who oppose legal protections for homosexuals. It's also the ultimate "God made me gay" proof versus the change-therapy mob.

Personally, though I don't care whether being gay comes from nature or nurture. The only important thing is that it's how I am, I'm a lot happier this way, and I have no interest in being something different. I don't think I should have to give a DNA sample to get permission to live how I want. And don't get me started on the strawman about abortion foes "switching" if a pre-natal gay test is ever developed. (I'm just sayin' is all...)