Tuesday, May 31

Equality Is Job One

First Proctor & Gamble, then Kraft and now Ford have become subjects of erstwhile boycotts by the American Family Association.

(BTW, great links on the AFA's protest site, connecting you to spicy pro-homo car advertising from around the world, not to mention half-naked galleries of Ford-sponsored gay events. I can just see the Million Moms gawking at that!)

It says something about the alternate universe Donald Wildmon lives in that the good Reverend believes he has a gnat's chance versus a windshield trying to convince this multinational corporate giant to disclaim its support for gay rights. The disconnect is so obvious that Wildmon's lunatic missives to his flock may start to undermine their own faith in his leadership. I mean, come on, Ford is a company that's practically larger than God himself, and it's plain gone gay. That might be depressing if you didn't have a warped sense of reality.

(One wonders where Wildmon thinks his followers can get their toothpaste, individually-wrapped cheese food slices and pickup trucks and minivans, if they have to boycott every single corporation with diversity marketing.)

The recent Microsoft nonsense proved that Big Business loses when it mollycoddles bullies from the bigot brigade. I'm looking forward to seeing if Ford's spokespeople can swat away the AFA just as emphatically as Kraft did last week.