Wednesday, June 29

'Bam-Bam' Gets Fired

An insurance manager (and part-time boxer with a JD) is suing Allstate for firing him for his religious beliefs. Renaissance man Matt Barber wrote several web columns against same-sex marriage, stating among other things that

For one to believe that homosexual behavior, the act of sodomy in particular, follows the biological order of things, one must ignore the fact that sodomy violates natural law – you know … wrong plumbing … square hole/round peg. The whole thing really is a testament to man's creativity. Give us something good, and we'll bend over backwards to twist it into something else.
(Square hole!?) Apparently, penning such broadsides over one's company title didn't comport with his employer's niche advertising campaigns. Never fear, Matt, the OneMillionMoms got yer back. They are dusting off their keyboards and firing up their emails to launch a counterattack, and it sure won't be easy being a local Allstate agent for a few weeks.

UPDATE: Donald Wildomon's affiliated groups have published a second missive with additional documentation supporting Barber's complaints against Allstate.