Monday, June 27

They Should Have Known From the Name

With speculation growing about Bush's SCOTUS shortlist, conservatives are desperate to avoid another "powerful mistake" like when Dubya's dad nominated a then-little-known California jurist named Anthony Kennedy.

(Known today as "a genial apostle of tolerance and consensus," no wonder the bigot brigade loathes him! To American taliban James Dobson, Kennedy is "the most dangerous man in America." Gay readers of the Bhaus, in contrast, should know him as one of our community's most important heroes.)

Among Bush's problems: He wants to nominate a Hispanic, but the right-wing doesn't trust Gonzales. Either way the President goes, expect a battle royale -- or not ... as conventional wisdom now has Rehnquist sticking around for awhile anyway.

P.S. Part of the fun of living on the Hill: running past the high court on my morning jog today and seeing the media circus gathering.