Monday, December 20

The Most Precious Stone of All - Imagine this conversation:
"I really like your ring!"
"Oh thanks, it's my grandma."
"Oh that's so nice that your grandmother passed down an heirloom to you."
"No, it didn't belong to my is my grandma!"

This is the exchange I imagine between a grieving grandchild and the admirer of the diamond made by LifeGem out of the grandma.

Apparantly, many people want "closeness and mobility" with the memory of their deceased loved ones, and so they've turned to this company, bypassing headstones or urns for man-made gemstones (double entendre intended). Is it just me or is there something deeply creepy about a "general contractor from Kitty Hawk, North Carolina" wearing the converted ashes of a loved one as three synthetic blue diamonds? Yeah, I guess I can see his point that the analogies are inevitable...she "was radiant in life, a real gem," even if it makes me slightly uneasy.