Monday, December 13

If A Gay Fell In the Forest, Would Anyone Watch? - Even I am not watching new episodes of Will & Grace anymore, and I feel like I'm unusually loyal in my viewing. But with The OC and CSI making more compelling shows, can you really blame anyone? Will has turned from a successful, respected lawyer just coming out of a long-term relationship into a snivelling, obsessive-compulsive, freakish loser. No wonder nobody cares that he's got a boyfriend this season. Well, even though you are not watching, Republicans are, and the show just announced some stunt casting (On W&G? *gasp*) coming up this season:

Former porn princess Traci Lords, 36, and out-of-the-closet Who's the Boss? tyke Danny Pintauro, 28, each shelled out $17,500 for the chance to appear on the NBC sitcom in 2005. Messing and Mullally broke news that Jeff Goldblum will join Will & Grace at the end of the month as Karen's old nemesis and Grace's new flame. And in January: Lily Tomlin comes on board as Will's new boss.

You can steer the sinking ship toward warmer waters, but sadly, that won't patch the gaping hole in the side.