Monday, December 20

"Grosse Pointe: In Front of the Lens"? - What happens when a hot high school wrestler gets erectile dysfunction, another is caught in a bizarre love triangle with his English teacher and his brother, and a third is dating Kelly Osbourne? Apparently, this is life as we know it.

Another sex-drenched teen drama from the makers of the late, lamented Freaks and Geeks, this ABC series -- developed from a novel by Billy Elliot author Melvin Burgess -- focuses on the travails of adolescent sexuality from the male perspective. Unfortunately, the show takes itself way too seriously for our post-ironic age. (Compare how Fox's O.C. -- and networkmate Desperate Housewives for that matter -- stay entertaining by letting the audience in on the joke.) Still, if you can stand it, there's plenty of eye candy. So for as long as it lasts, check out age- and gender-inappropriate television, Winter 2004 style.