Thursday, July 31

LEE-jit-a-mit Th-HEE-ater - As a fan of creators and stars the now-defunct television showStrangers With Candy that parodied the "Afterschool Special" format, I was excited to attend a staging of scenes from their new book, Wigfield. went to see some last night. I had fifth row seats for the performance featuring Amy (sister of David) Sedaris, Paul Dinello and Steven Colbert (of The Daily Show with John Stewart) as a variety of characters who inhabit the fictional town, that consists mainly of "gentlemen's clubs and mortuaries." The gimmick of the book is that you've got the three actors made up to look like outrageous characters who inhabit the town. The play left something to be desired, as the photographs from the book were projected on a screen while the actors adopted different voices for short monologues from each character, yet remained dressed in their own clothing. I was amused by the characters they created, but there weren't many belly laughs. I think one of the most appealing parts of SWC were the accoutrements of ugliness Amy Sedaris put on to become Jerri Blank. However, one highlight for me was the crowd, which was an odd mix of San Francisco-style diversity: lots of tatted-and-pierced bike messenger types, stylish young women in all black, and an inordinately large number of gay bear-types. For people watching alone, it was worth the price of admission.