Thursday, July 31

Boy Meets Boy - In case you missed, it, there's a fabulously detailed recap of this week's premiere episode of Boy Meets Boy on TV Barn. But I'd like to turn your attention to the review written by Salon's Heather Havrilesky:
    "Obviously Boy Meets Boy is manipulative and deceitful and dirty, but what's really appealing -- or, I mean, appalling -- is that the whole point is for the viewer at home to try to figure out who's gay and who's straight. The message here is that you can determine someone's sexuality based on how they dress, talk, hold themselves. But the point is, it's ridiculous to speculate about the sexual preferences of total strangers ... unless you need to because you want to sleep with them, of course. But on TV?"

Hmm...isn't speculating about people's sexual preference what gayboys do all the time? That's why the gay ghetto is so convenient, you generally know where people stand. One question, do celebrities count as "total strangers"?

Havrilesky also ponders:

    "Do the gaymates present a homogeneous stereotype of gay men, as some quote-happy professor worried in Monday's New York Times? First of all, three of the suitors aren't even gay. Second, could any group be more homogeneous than the backstabbing harpies of Joe Millionaire or The Bachelor? Unlike the kinds of competitive babes on other shows, most of these men don't seem delusional or histrionic, and few appear to have several years of pageant experience.

Hey, what is up with calling the contenders "mates"? I don't remember there being ANY black contenders on Joe Millionaire, although I think there were some Asian girls. But, then again, for a wannabe model/actress/whatever, getting exposure on FOX or ABC offers a lot more potential than an appearance on Bravo does for the 'mos.

POST SCRIPT - TV Guide has an interview with the first straight contender to be elminated from the show.