Friday, March 3

Maebe? Surely!

The tired old rumor that Showtime is bringing back Arrested Development has been making the rounds again. And, in fact, TV Tattle reports that someone says the resurrection is official:
"Speaking yesterday on the radio, San Francisco Chronicle TV critic Tim Goodman seemed to confirm the rumors, saying Showtime will make official a 26-episode, two-year deal any day now (click here to listen). Goodman was the first to float a possible Showtime/'Arrested' deal back in November. He said on the KFOG morning show: 'Everybody in the business already knows that this has been a done deal ... Showtime did pick up 'Arrested Development' for 26 episodes, two seasons at 13 each. And so it's great to see that.' He also said he anticipates the deal including all the Fox episodes."
No word on whether he got his information from Defamer or not. 'm not a fan of Goodman's columns, particularly the top five lists with which he ends his pieces. And still haven't forgiven him for rebuking his weekly appearance on the Alice@97.3 morning show. In any case, I'm not putting much confidence in the statement he has made.

But even more than that, I don't want it to be true. After going through the five stages of grief, I'm at peace with Arrested going out with a finale that wrapped up storylines that spanned seasons and brought back familiar faces (although no Steve Holt or Lucille Two? A travesty!) I'm content to walk away now with my fond memories and a DVD set for the third season. Can anyone convince me that I'm wrong not want more?