Wednesday, December 7

"That Fashion Show"

So, tonight marks the return of Project Runway (known as "that fashion show" to some) to Bravo. The marketing is in full force, as I saw promotion materials for the show all over Banana Republic this weekend while shopping. I can understand why they are trying so hard to build buzz:
Project Runway's "initial tally of 354,000 viewers" was miniscule, but "by its finale in February, its audience was about five times as big, and the show was Bravo's highest rated of this year...So how did the show's fortunes reverse, becoming a rare word-of-mouth hit? Lauren Zalaznick, the president of Bravo, gave a simple, but counterintuitive, explanation. 'The worse it did,' she said, 'the more I played it.'"
You're either in or you're out...of court, as two women sue Project Runway claiming the idea for the show was theirs. Even with the legal dramas, I'm looking forward to the return of Tim Gunn, and if you don't know who he is, you should catch up with the brilliant TWoP recaps of season one and with the vast array of prior Beaverhausen posts on the topic.

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