Friday, November 18

You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me, Lucille

Excuse me for not posting sooner, but I've been in mourning. Yes, Arrested Development has been cancelled.

One of the reasons cited for the move to end the show has been the decline in ratings, down to an average of 4 million viewers a week in recent outings. There are unsubstantiated rumors that Showtime could swoop in and save the Bluth family, but that doesn't seem very likely. However, the Sci-Fi channel just celebrated the third season renewal of Battlestar Galactica for scoring ratings in the range of 3 million viewers.

Therefore, armed with this knowledge, I suggest that Sci-Fi give Arrested Development a new lease on life. With just a minor tweak to the concept, they could quick have a new hit show on their hands entitled Lucille in Space.