Friday, November 11

Terry McMillan Confronts Gay Ex-Husband

Longtime readers of Beaverhausen will remember the post about the breakup of Waiting to Exhale author Terry McMillan's marriage this past summer. Her husband, it was revealed in divorce documents on The Smoking Gun, is The Gay.

Cut to yesterday, and the two of them were appearing together on Oprah, overacting and appearing surprisingly cutesy for people who seemed to have such bitterness just a few months ago.

I was surprised by Jonathan Plummer's appearance on the show, because the entire audience was out to get him. Even Oprah doubted that he could not have felt a single twinge of latent homosexual desire until he was in his mid-twenties. McMillan came out on top, showing that she'd protected her money, pretended to have "known all along that something wasn't quite right." Oprah had her regular psychological counselor, Dr. Robin Smith, there to comment on the interactions, but there wasn't much to be said that wasn't obvious.

McMillan wasn't there to heal wounds or to learn from past mistakes...she was there to demonstrate she was still in control and that the divorce had not derailed her from continued financial success...for, at the end of the program, Oprah announced that she had bought the film rights to McMillan's latest book, The Interruption of Everything and that the movie was in pre-production.