Tuesday, November 8

Naked Washington

Well, it had to happen. A new book profiles the unclothed artwork of our fair capital city, rating each by "flesh factor." Turns out, one of the featured monuments (a 4+!) is located in Lafayette Park, where I frequently lunch barely steps from my office. At the base of a statue to Revolutionary War hero Baron von Steuben is a curious piece entitled "Military Instruction." The artwork depicts an older soldier teaching a young man how to wield his sword. (Neither are clothed. Hmm.) Another prominent piece of public nudity can be found closer to my home, in the form of the Library of Congress's Poseidon-flanked-by-sea-nymphs.

Oh, in tangential news, my favorite surly teenage contestant on this season's Amazing Race: Family Edition -- who coincidentally was knocked out during the episode filmed in DC -- has recently been spotted shirtless. Nice. (Thanks, Chrisafer.)