Monday, November 7

Yahoo (or Google) Everywhere

Move over Microsoft: reports out today remind us that content -- not software -- is king. The search engine duopoly are planning to launch services for advanced mobile phones. For example, Yahoo plans to offer an SBC phone that will link wirelessly with consumers' existing accounts, address books and preferences, all part of the company's "Connected Life" initiative. Google, which generally focuses less on personalization, is bringing its famed satellite mapping service to compatible cellphones. As Sunnyvale and Mountain View battle it out, Redmond falls farther and farther behind.

Meanwhile, for the couch-bound, Yahoo is teaming up with TiVo "to offer Internet-based content and services" through our favorite DVR. (Killjoys at the NYTimes are skeptical and also note that the service will not work on my new DirecTiVo. Boo.)