Tuesday, October 4

"They Don't Like Cher"

Time magazine story has a cover story this week on gay teens. The story has grabbed the attention of Towle Road, and the full text of the article is available on the website of the Point Foundation, a group that provides college scholarships for gay students. The Time article aims to shine a spotlight on the fact that the gay adult philanthropists funding the Point Foundation may not recognize just how much conditions for gay kids to come out have changed.

Argues Michael Glatze, the editor in chief of YGA Magazine:
Today so many kids who are gay, they don't like Cher. They aren't part of the whole subculture.

Gays who don't like Cher? Say it ain't so!

But as more portrayals of gay life appear in mainstream media, it seems that for some gay youth, these characters reinforce stereotypes that there's only one way to "be gay." The article also quotes Scott Davis, pictured above from his appearance on The View, who is the Director of the Exodus Youth ex-gay program.

For me, the most revealing thing about the article was the mention of youth who are convinced they are gay, but went to Exodus events just to understand the other side of things. In fact, in some cases, it seemed as though the ex-gay groups are far less bleak than has been portrayed elsewhere. Whether that's a fair depiction, I don't know, but it does seem like the thought of Christian, out, young adults who act on their same-sex attractions but do not identify as gay, is a worry for advocates for gay rights. But I wonder if such attitudes won't ultimately strengthen the movement, rather than divide it.