Friday, September 30

Blog Heaven

The Butterstick campaign finally made the Washington Post today, in a story on the Metro front, no less. Having also seen the "people's choice" for naming our DC panda cub make Washingtonian magazine, I believe I can die happy now. All that's left is for the powers that be, in China and at the National Zoo, to select their more politically correct name. Come what may, he'll always be our little Butterstick.

Postscript: This whole episode has given me new appreciation of the power of blogs. I realize panda-naming is hardly a matter of great concern. Yet the past few weeks demonstrated conclusively that a couple of bloggers and their friends can get opinion-makers talking about a subject even this inconsequential. Just imagine if we were to devote our powers to actual problems! Truly, the blog has given us little guys access to "the system." Should be interesting to see where we go from here.