Wednesday, August 10

Meth-Mouth A Myth?

You've seen it in the New York Times.

You read about it in Newsweek.

You may have even heard about it on NPR this morning.

But Slate admonishes you...meth-mouth is a myth! Well, not really. More likely, Slate's headline writer is trying to be provocative in getting you to read an article that points out that technically "meth mouth" is caused by a lack of saliva, combined with poor hygiene, poor blood flow to the gums, and an overindulgence in sugary beverages. In other words, "It's a lifestyle issue," not that the corrosive acid from methamphetamines are actually eating away at tooth enamel. In fact, argues the Slate article, "abstinent grandmothers and grandfathers, many of whom who couldn't spell methamphetamine if their lives depended on it, are sometimes victims of meth-mouth!"

Alright, so technically meth-mouth may not be caused by the chemicals in meth. But does that really matter to anyone besides the author and some periodontists? It all still boils down to cystal mess = bad teeth, if you ask me.