Friday, August 12

Legal Defeat for "Hotties" Everywhere

The high court in California has extended legal protections to employees who oppose orders that could be discriminatory, ruling in the case of

a supervisor at a cosmetics and perfume company who resisted her boss's order to fire a woman who was not "good-looking enough" and to replace her with someone "hot." The court ruled 4 to 2 that the supervisor could sue the company for allegedly retaliating against her with poor evaluations and new job requirements.

Sounds like we're getting one step closer to holding that discrimination on the basis of looks is illegal, and I couldn't be more disappointed. Monday, I nearly walked into a wall oggling the A&F "greeter" at Chicago's Water Tower Place. What will become of the world if corporations can't enforce a strict "aloof, straight-acting jock" look for their tight-bodied sales-models!? While lookism isn't illegal in California yet:

The court nevertheless agreed that an appearance standard that is applied to one gender and not the other is sex discrimination unless the different treatment can be justified as a legitimate occupational qualification.

I guess Abercrombie better make sure its female brand-reps are equally hot. (I can't say I really noticed one way or the other in Chicago.)