Saturday, April 30

An Apple on Every Desk

My Wintel brethren, do you ever suffer from Mac envy? Are you worried that your creative [i.e., gay] friends are cooler than you are because they use Apple computers? Never fear: If a rumor being reported by Windows IT Pro editor Paul Thurrott turns out to be true, you may already have Mac on your desk. In today's column (second item from bottom), he writes:

At 6:00 pm tonight, Apple Stores around the country will begin selling Apple's next generation version of Mac OS X, codenamed Tiger. In case you were off visiting remote areas of Burma for the last year and a half, Tiger offers many of the features that Microsoft promises in [its 2006 Windows OS, codenamed] Longhorn, but it delivers them today. Sadly, Tiger doesn't run on standard Intel hardware, but if the rumors we heard at WinHEC are true, it may soon: In addition to the Microsoft evangelist who told us that Apple was moving to Intel, we later heard that an Intel engineer was claiming that Intel-compatible versions of Tiger were now running in the company's Santa Clara labs. True or bogus, what the heck: Rumors like this are just fun.

Hmm, do we have any Intel-employed readers who care to comment?